Welcome to the website for W. J. Pratt Photography by William Pratt. Thank you for spending the time to review an exhibition of my work.

I was fortunate to have grown up on the plains of northern Montana near the Blackfoot Indian Reservation and the eastern boundary of Glacier National Park.

My passion for photographing western landscapes began in junior high school when an uncle passed down a Leica 35mm camera. Thus began my journey of capturing the ever-changing moods of the majestic mountains in Glacier. Since that time, I have expanded my subject matter from Montana to Colorado and have learned over the years that beauty can be found in any landscape.

I have long been a fan of the sports of rugby and cycling, both of which are gaining popularity in the United States. It wasn't until happening upon a rugby tournament in Aspen, Colorado in 2007 that I decided to attempt capturing the strength, power and determination of these athletes. Since that time, I have photographed countless rugby matches at various levels of the sport and including teams from across the United States as well as teams from Australia, France and Great Britain. My opportunities to photograph professional cycling have been focused on an annual Colorado event, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

I am currently expanding my sports photography portfolio. If you are interested in scheduling me to photograph your sporting event, please contact me at 406.404.1758 or [email protected].