Nick Palmer(non-registered)
Great photos Bill! Love the bear ones and the Colorado landscapes.
Ann and Andy from Belgium(non-registered)
It was nice meeting you today. We had a look at your nice pictures. Now we know why you’re so fond of Glacier NP ;-)
Edward Parks(non-registered)
While your eye and skill are evident throughout your portfolio, it's the landscapes that most move me. You capture a vital sense of active life evident in the seeming stillness; your landscape images truly tell stories.
Anne Marie Butler(non-registered)
Enjoying the images today from Mesquite, Nevada...Love seeing the world thru your eyes, Bill. Keep nourishing your gift...awesome you share your talent with all of us this way. Will look again in future....
Michael Rabb(non-registered)
Great photos, Bill. They are all incredible. Though, I am partial to the Montana Landscapes.
Karen Kluge(non-registered)
Amazing photography, you capture our Creator work and genuine beauty, in your landscape pictures.
Enjoyed the sports picture, such emotion caught in pictures. Wow such passion, don ever put that camera down.
Dedie Campbell(non-registered)
Outstanding work by an outstanding man! Your art is truly a gift. Looking forward to seeing you again at next year's NSCRO Final Four!!
Marissa Lundeen(non-registered)
Hey Bill,
I really love the website! The layout is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. Your landscape photography is breath-taking and I really enjoyed the sports pictures as well, you sure know how to capture the moment! It is so exciting to see you working on something your truly passionate about. I hope to see so much more on this website and watch your business expand.
Best of luck to you Bill!
I'll see you soon :)
Deb S. Hanson(non-registered)
The quality is so clear that the detail is exquisite. Your see the beauty in our world but you capture it in a photo. Simply put....amazing work!
Wendy Simanton(non-registered)
Great job Bill. Congratulations on your new website. I have been following your pictures for awhile now and know that you do quality work. :)
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